*New* Start your local Child Eyes campaign!

This campaign is all about people power.

We have campaigns running in Carlisle, Norwich, Ealing, Cardiff and many towns in Surrey so far. These campaigns were all started by parents who got fed up of repeatedly seeing porn/sexual imagery in public. We want every town in the U.K. to be family friendly and you can help to make that happen, just join the Child Eyes movement!

Here are some tools to help you along the way. Good luck and don’t forget to keep us informed of your successes here or through facebook and twitter, If you need any help or further tips please contact yourchildeyes@hotmail.com.

Campaign steps

1, Sign and share the petition.

2, Share the video.

3, Write to your MP. See our template letter Dear MP, feel free to edit. Try to send by post as they have a duty to reply. Try candidates for other parties and councillors too.

4, Write to your local retailer or all of your local retailers (or get your MP to do it!). See our template letter Dear retailers, feel free to edit.

5, Be a Twitter hero and tweet everyone in the world about Child Eyes.

6, Ask your local radio to feature your Child Eyes campaign. Local radio stations love this subject. We have been on radio lots so far!

7, Ask your local newspaper to feature your Child Eyes campaign. Local newspapers love this subject. We have been in many local papers so far!

8, Get your local school, or all local schools involved. See our Teachers flyer – Child Eyes.

9, Talk about it with every one you know. Many people had never thought about it before or are too desensitised. once you talk about it, they wake up and support. Believe us!

10, Tell us all your news so we can share your story.

We can’t wait to see a completely family friendly U.K.

Love from Child Eyes x

Claire from Norwich says,

” I am fully behind the Child Eyes Campaign. My local BP/Spar petrol station told me that they cannot change how they display The Daily Sport as they are given orders from management that this is how they have to display them- outside in a stand which is visible to children in cars when their parents are filling up. I contacted Spar head office and they said actually it is wrong and ordered an immediate change by turning them over and that every effort is being made to change it permanently. Another supermarket, Co-op told me also that Newspapers are age unrestricted so cannot be displayed any differently, this was upon me complaining that my son saw Moshi Monsters mag right next to The Daily Sport. The manager did, however agree to turn the half folded paper over only to reveal on the other side a disgusting headline! I felt his embarrassment. Fortunately they have now said they will remind their stores this is not ideal product placement, but they can’t guarantee this will not happen again in the future! I am fully behind the Child Eyes Campaign. It is entirely unfair that children and their parents are faced with inappropriate sexualised images and violent text wherever they go in public. Be it in the local village shop, petrol station, family friendly cafes, supermarkets and shopping malls. I’m fed up feeling the need to explain what such images/words mean to my child when he hasn’t even had sex education yet”.

Caroline from Cardiff says,

“As a mum and teacher, I became increasingly concerned at the tide of pornographic images that have crept into our newsagent and shop displays. It has been normalised to the degree that these images are openly displayed, sometimes right next to children’s comics.  Through the NMP3 campaign, I discovered the Child Eyes Campaign. So in my area, I have approached individual retailers about displays. I have had success with my local Spar and Tesco. I have gained support from a local MP Hywel Francis. I’ve also approached other local MPs and Welsh Assembly representatives.

Kathy from Carshalton says,

“Local Mums Online began campaigning to get porn and sexualised content out of our public space and children’s eye level in our local area (Surrey and SW London). When we heard about Child Eyes we decided to join forces to support the campaign at national level. In our local area we have contacted our local Co-op representative and got all sexualised content moved out of children’s sight in local stores. We have also had our story published in local papers, local and national radio and received the public backing of our MP; we are working with him on a joint initiative, with Child Eyes, to request that all local newsagents move their displays of sexualised/pornographic content out of children’s sight in order to achieve a ‘family-friendly’ status. These shops will be given certificates and listed on an online map.”

Kirsty from Carlisle says,

” I started by writing to various campaigns and people who had spoken about children and porn. I started a petition and shared it all over the place. I am working on a family friendly town scheme in Carlisle. I talk about the issue all the time and will carry on doing so until I can happily take my kids to the shops without them learning about porn. I am determined to get porn out of public before my baby is old enough to see it.”


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