How did Child Eyes come about?

Hello there,

I am Kirsty and I set up Child Eyes for many reasons. I have an awesome 13 year old boy with ADHD and a super 5 month old girl. I do my best but like most parents, I am nowhere near perfect.

I was so fed up of seeing sex everywhere and not being able to avoid it when my son was little. I then had battle after battle to keep him off 18 rated games that ‘all’ his friends owned. I am now fighting against free, easily accessible online porn. I am not daft and I know teenagers are curious but learning sex from hardcore porn sites can only lead to an unhealthy view of sex and love.

Since I have had my daughter and been on maternity leave I have noticed more sexual displays than ever. I have noticed the over the top gender stereotyped toys and pink everything. I also had the unfortunate situation where I had adult restriction on my sons phone but didn’t realise he could link to the internet through the home router. The result was that he saw a hardcore porn site. I have no idea if the girls on there are consenting or not but it was all about domination of young women.

These are not the messages I want my children to grow up with.

I decided enough is enough. I cannot be the only parent with these worries. I cannot be the only parent that cares if their child sees women pimped out on Grand Theft Auto or teen anal on Pornhub. I cannot be the only parent that doesn’t want to wheel the pram around objectified sexual images of women. And guess what…..I’m not!

What happened next?

Kathy Mcguinness from local Mums Online got in contact as she to was campaigning on the same issue. We joined forces and gathered many more supporters. We started the petition https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/edward-timpson-mp-make-it-illegal-to-display-porn-around-children and have been contacting retailers.

We now have several volunteer parents who are working on the campaign and doing some fantastic work. We always appreciate help so if you want to join in, or stir up some Child Eyes action in your own area, get in touch!

We have huge plans and we will make this issue a thing of the past.

Child Eyes Aims

1. Encourage government to legislate to make it illegal to display pornography and sexualised images in public places, where children are permitted.

2. Encourage government to provide help and support for parents to protect their children from hard core internet porn and violent games.

3. Work with retailers and other key bodies to protect children.

3. To protect young girls and boys from damaging images that can affect their self-worth.

4. To provide help to parents of ways to protect their children from pornography and sexualised imagery.


All support and help is welcomed. Email yourchildeyes@hotmail.com if you can help.


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