4 thoughts on “Petition. Make it illegal to display porn around children

  1. The implications of a successful ban on pornography is that one of the fundamental building blocks of capitalist culture will disappear. Capitalism depends on keeping people divided and compartmentalised to make it’s profits. Commercialising and distorting our basic instincts is a major capitalist tactic. The implications of banning porn are an end to how we do business with each other. No more exploitation. No more violence. No more stereotyping, No more racism. No more sexism. No more anger. No more greed. No more lust. No more distortions and lies. The implications of banning porn are wide and far-reaching. It means sloughing off the corrupt and putrefying skin of the exploitative culture we were born into and living to our lives to their full potential.

    Banning porn means ridding society of rich and violent men!

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