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Child Eyes needs help with the campaign and administration  If you feel you can spare some time to help please send an email telling us about yourself and why you would like to get involved. Thank you


4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. have signed the petition… love the video too… hope you don’t think I’m being pathetic but what is the music accompanying the video. Can’t get it out of my head…

  2. Hi All
    I was pleased to support your campaign by signing the petition. I have seen how pornography affects our people by encouraging isolation, dishonesty, greed and objectification, which in turn usually produces lonely, insecure adults who struggle to function in relationships whether at work, with friends or with emotional/ sexual partners. Where does this start ? … as you say in childhood. The values that are learnt by your “drip, drip” effect are well described here. The problem seems to be educating people to the fact that we nurturing a dysfunctional generation in the our teenagers and young adults. Pornography produces three problems:
    1. Exploitation of women (and increasingly men) in the industry
    2. Corruption of children’s minds in learning which values produce real happiness in life.
    3. Adults who having learnt they can simply “take” pornography for may years live an egocentric existence failing in relationships, coverting materialism, lusting after unrealistic fantasies, which in turn fuels resentment, greed, loneliness and ultimately unhappiness, in most cases for them but for those around them.
    The problem is so big and so difficult Governments shy away from it, Celebrities fear from associating with the cause and the public eschew with uncomfortable embarrassment with the thought of facing difficult discussions. However, as it won’t go away we need to break the problem down to tackle it successfully and prepare ourselves for a long haul. Your petition is a great start and tackles the grass routes of the problem.
    I have met Edward Timpson on a number of occasions in a non-parlimentary capacity and wonder just what his reservations are? Do we know ?
    I would cherish the opportunity to help more either campaigning or admistration, I have contacts in business, social media, youth markets and access to a variety of skills.
    Let me know what I can do or just get in touch for chat.

    Many thanks, Jonathan Gledhill

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