Child Eyes began last October and has been gradually gaining support.

These are exciting times and we can feel that change is in the air.

Gradually as Child Eyes has grown we are delighted to say that we have some fantastic supporters. We also have some super people working on this project in various ways. It is completely unfunded so all of the work is being done through passion and commitment which is wonderful. This update is about what we have been doing and where we are heading, for those following the campaign.

Child Eyes is collaborating with another campaign called Porn Out of Public Space. We are using Child Eyes as the umbrella name and we will be starting a petition soon aimed at ensuring the Government legislates in this area.

We are working on a website containing more information, research and a gallery of pictures taken so far.

The survey is going great! Thank you to all who have completed so far. We are up to 212 and the information will be so useful for the campaign. Updates on this very soon.

We are in contact with Tom Brake MP and John Stevenson MP, we need to speak to more MPs so we are working on a way to make this easy for supporters. Watch this space.

We have had some feedback that we are focusing a little too much on the female perspective. We appreciate this feedback and are keen to rectify this. The issue affects both genders although the images we are talking about are mostly women. We have many female supporters but would like to hear from more men on the subject. Get in touch if you have an opinion or ideas of things we should, or should not do.

We have a collection of photos from various shops but need more. We intend to put this into a montage to demonstrate a child’s landscape. Please please if you see it, snap it and send it. A picture says a thousand words.

We are in contact with the Save Childhood movement and hope to get involved after their launch at the end of April.

We need to gain more support, if you know any people or groups that may support us please let us know.

Thank you






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